The Ruins, Bacolod

Personally, I have always been amazed by history. That would include phenomenal historic events, places and most especially, people. Coming from a country of a controversial history, it has taught me that history is such great matter to where we are now. To be honest, I’ve only learned the importance of acquiring knowledge about history recently and as much as possible, I really want to study about it more, hence, to experience through going to museums, old houses, etc. Continue reading “The Ruins, Bacolod”


First Yacht Experience

Who doesn’t like a little ride on a yacht?Β Some of you might wish to know what activities you do and what makes it so special that you’re going to spend so much on it. Sure you can say it’s because it’s cool and all fancy but it’s much more than that. I say one thing- the best golden experience ever. Continue reading “First Yacht Experience”

Lil Closet, Big Fashion Statement

Nothing feels greater than going back to something I used to love doing. To be honest, I haven’t opened my site in a while now and having to read my previous posts and drafts, I knew I wanted to do this again. I have a long way to go knowing that I have a life-long dream to achieve and pursue and I need to de-stress once in a while so I decided to start blogging again. Clearly, I need improvements and I will really try my best and make time for it. Continue reading “Lil Closet, Big Fashion Statement”

New York, I Love You

A dream that is no longer just a dream. A city that have tainted the heart of a passionate traveler. New York City, you are loved by so many people. I never knew a city would inspire me this much. From the culture, the people, places, words aren’t enough to express the beauty of this city. NYC, you are still a dream to me. Continue reading “New York, I Love You”

Chapter 17

Another year has passed, and I have yet to think of all the experiences that mold me into who I am now. The 16-year-old me was more than words an eye-opening year. There were the good stress and the bad stress, the cliche ups and downs, doors that appeared for me to enter and lessons after every trial that came my way. I’ve come to value life more with its spectacular features. Continue reading “Chapter 17”